Your eyes will be smiling with extended wear contact lenses.

Extended Wear Traditionally, contact lenses are removed and cleaned nightly yet, as a result of advancements in technology, contact lens wearers now have the option of extended wear lenses.

Extended wear lenses can be slept in on occasion or, depending on the advice of your optometrist, can be worn continuously for 7, 14 or even up to 29 nights. Made from silicone hyrdogel, a new generation of material, they enable a very high level of oxygen transmission through to the lens to the eye.

Perfect for Active Lifestyles

Exercise... play your favorite sport... stay up late... sleep in your contacts. What a relief from the usual put-them-in, take-them-out routine. Extended wear lenses are so comfortable you won't give your contacts a thought, allowing you to focus on performance and play. There's no greater convenience for an active lifestyle.

Hassle Free Care

With extended wear contact lenses, you can avoid the hassles associated with a daily care regime. Depending on the length of wear recommended by your optometrist, you may only have to clean and disinfect your lenses a few times in a month, if at all.

Excellent Alternative to Surgery

If you've considered laser eye surgery, check out extended wear contact lenses first. They're an effective, affordable alternative, without the risks of a permanent surgical procedure. You'll love the feeling of freedom that you can experience with extended wear contact lenses.

Contact your ProVision optometrist to find out if extended wear contact lenses are right for you.

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