Contact Lenses for 40 +

alt : Multifocal Contacts

mature-woman-with-bowl-of-cereals-in-bedAs we grow older our vision begins to deteriorate and many people experience difficulty when reading at close or shorter distances.  This condition is called Presbyopia and occurs when the crystalline lens in your eye hardens and loses flexibility.  The lens is less able to focus incoming light and as a result vision becomes blurred at reading distance. Presbyopia is a naturally occurring vision condition that affects most people in their 40s.

Many people believe that once they experience the symptoms of presbyopia, the only solution is to wear glasses.  Today, this is not the case with many multifocal contact lenses available.

Clear vision at every distance

Incorporating the latest advances in comfort and materials, multifocal contact lenses deliver clear, crisp vision at every distance: near, far and in between. Multifocal contact lenses allow your eye to focus naturally so you can experience clear vision.

They are available in a range of wearing schedules including dailies, daily care and extended wear options.

Freedom and comfort

Even if you've never worn glasses or contact lenses before, you can still benefit from the freedom and comfort of multifocal contact lenses.

Additional benefits potentially include:

  • Avoid the aging effect of glasses.
  • Contact lenses are perfect for an active lifestyle, they can be worn while playing sports or even for occasional wear.
  • Unlike bifocals or reading glasses, there are no segmented zones and no visual disturbances.
  • No need to switch between prescription spectacles and sunglasses; contact lenses can be worn with non-prescription sunglasses.
  • The latest advances in materials and design means greater levels of comfort and healthier eyes.