Introducing ProVision's Leading Technologies

At ProVision, each system is carefully crafted to create efficiencies and profitability, exclusively for our members.

ProSupply – Your one-stop online ordering portal

The new, more efficient way of ordering product for independent practices. The best part?  ProSupply gives you 24/7 access to the largest database of frames in Australia, including over 8000 Supply & Fit options. Order product and have it delivered either directly to your practice or laboratory in only a few clicks.

  • One password and one process to place your Frame-only and Supply and Fit orders for maximum convenience, administration time savings, freight consolidation and speedier turnaround.
  • Access to 25,000 frames, 200+ Brands,19 Suppliers via the one system.
  • Over 8,000 Supply & Fit Options with 360 degree imagery – shipped directly to your laboratory for immediate fitting, delivering maximum supply chain efficiency.
  • Freight Savings
  • Easy Product Selection and Favourites - search by brand, colour, shape and eye size.
  • Maximise Sale Opportunities by keeping the display frame on the shelf at all times and fulfill your customer orders through ProSupply.
  • Integrated with your PMS - both Sunix Vision and Optomate Touch.
  • Tablet Friendly - utilise it as an in-practice sales tool to offer your clients an extended frame range.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction - Delight your customers with a faster product supply, maximum product choice with best sellers always on display and additional product selection via the ProSupply guest login.

“Overall, ProSupply is fantastic. The benefits to our practice include significant time savings, improved cash flow, better margins, fewer and more appealing frame and sunglass ranges and happier patients.”
~ Tiffany Duncan and Mitch Hancock, Gulf & Ranges Optometrists, SA

ProMarket – Customised, convenient marketing solutions

Our exclusive, cost-effective local area marketing website incorporates our member’s brand automatically across 200+ designed templates for immediate and centralised distribution to their clients.

Choose from print, email and SMS templates for multi-channel communications. Templates include ProVision Retail Campaign direct marketing pieces, reactivation communications, recalls and incremental WOW communications such as birthday cards, event invitations and more!

Choose from existing static text options or insert your own text. No more time and resources wasted picking and packing marketing and communication pieces in your practice! Simply choose your desired communication piece, upload your patient database and watch your practice and patient details populate the templates on-screen. Now you can do it all from the comfort of your home or practice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“ProMarket is absolutely first class. The quality of the marketing materials that are made available as part of our ProVision membership, are beautifully crafted and incredibly well thought out. The ideas behind the marketing campaigns have allowed us to drive our business forward without the worry of thinking up the marketing ideas ourselves. Of particular importance is the ease of use of ProMarket which allows simple access to bulk mail-out, email and text messages which supports the campaigns."
Claire and Ben Park, 20/20 Eyewear, QLD

ProShop – Your journey into online retailing begins here!

ProVision has joined together with Essilor Australia and HOYA Lens Australia to present a world-class e-commerce solution for your practice. It’s online retailing with a local flavour.

This is your online store with your own branding that is linked to your website. You are the direct contact for customer queries. You validate the optical orders. And we encourage your online shoppers to pick up in your practice for expert fitting.

Customer retention and driving additional value from your existing clientele through convenience, choice, quality and value adding opportunities. Clicks and bricks retailing is the new retail business model – online shopping with the physical backing of a bricks and mortar business. It combines the ultimate in consumer convenience and value together with your expertise and personal care. We have removed your barriers to entry by committing to a significant investment together with Essilor Australia and HOYA Lens Australia so you can embrace this new retail channel today at a low-cost set up fee and moderate cost per transaction. 

  • 20+ Contact Lens ranges, 3 brands
  • 650+ Frame Choices, 27 brands
  • Single Vision lenses & Upgrades
  • Optical & Sunglasses
  • Men, Women & Children

ProLearn – Education anywhere, anytime

ProLearn is ProVision's complimentary online education campus providing you and your staff access to education and training 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Exclusive to ProVision members, ProLearn will change the way you view education in your practice. Delivered directly to you and your staff via the internet, this intelligent and interactive resource will become a vital tool in assisting you to achieve your staff and management development objectives.

Bringing 10 invaluable training courses to your doorstep, there is something there for everyone in your practice. Courses include Customer Service training, Social Media workshops and more!