Our Vision, Mission & Values

Uniquely, ProVision operates only for the benefit of our members. We reinvest 100% of income generated into the services we provide. And we’re wholly owned by Optometry Australia so you can be confident that your best interests are ours.

Our Vision

ProVision will be the leading champions of innovative independent Optometrists in Australia.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to grow our Member practices by providing them with the business services and products needed to keep them competitive and profitable.

Our Core Values.


  • We will put our customers at the core of everything we do
  • We will commit to understand their needs with a promise to deliver quality outcomes, with a sense of urgency, empathy and passion


  • We will leverage our collective strengths to investigate new creative solutions that deliver unique value for all our stakeholders
  • We will challenge the status quo and proactively seek opportunities for improvement


  • We will conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism
  • We will communicate a clear direction to inspire and influence our stakeholders, at all times leading by example


  • We will deliver excellence and our agreed commitments by being resilient, resourceful and accountable


  • We will be respectful and supportive
  • We will be engaging and collaborative
  • We will be enthusiastic and celebrate our success
  • We will have fun