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How to boost your road safety

how to boost your road safety

As drivers, we’re so focused on ensuring we have the best safety features for our cars. But all so often we forget arguably the most the most important safety feature of all… OUR EYES. 

We know that vision is the most important sense for making decisions on the road.^ Road safety starts with good vision, and that means seeing well at all distances, in all conditions. So, how can we improve our vision on the road?

4 eyewear options to boost road safety

1. Vision Correction
Wearing glasses or contact lenses improves your vision clarity and depth perception while driving, so you can better judge your surroundings.

2. Progressive Lenses
Improves vision at every range of distance, with a smooth transition from reading road signs in the distance to viewing the dashboard in front of you.

3. Anti-Reflective Coating
Reduces glare, light streaking and distortion from oncoming headlights, particularly beneficial for night driving.

4. Polarised Sunglasses
Eliminates distracting and sometimes dangerous ‘horizontal glare’, which is caused by light reflections from surfaces including roads, other cars, and your dashboard.

Eye test before you crash test

Safe vision begins with having a thorough eye examination with one of our expert optometrists. Our independently-owned optometrists are passionate about helping you and your family enjoy a lifetime of healthy, clear vision.

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^Dr. Tj Van Der Berg, 2005, Relevance of glare sensitivity and impairment of visual function among European drivers, European Commission. World Health Organisation Training Manual 2006: Road Traffic Injury Prevention. *Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), 2017

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