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Frame quality: what are you paying for?

frame quality of glasses

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. With all the low-cost package options on the market, it’s even more important to understand the frame quality and what you’re paying for when making your eyewear decision. 

There are distinct differences in frame quality and the quality of lenses. Cheaper alternatives may come at a price to your vision and visual comfort. Here we highlight the basic differences you can expect in frame construction and materials so that you choose the best eyewear solution for you and your eyes.

The great news for you is that our independently-owned optometrists have an abundance of expertise in this area. They have the freedom to recommend high-quality eyewear from a wide range of international suppliers that’s right for your unique set of needs.

So, what sets a basic and premium frame apart?

1. Advanced frame materials

2. Quality frame hardware

3. Original, innovative designs

4. Hand-crafted with care

Combine frame quality with a unique look

The perks of seeing one of our independently-owned optometrists, is that on top of a thorough eye examination, you’ll have access to a unique, hand-picked range of high-quality frame options. PLUS, the expertise of a team who can help you find the right fit with your prescription.

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