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Maximise your optical health fund benefits

optical health fund benefits

If you have private health cover, your health fund benefits will apply regardless of the optometrist you see. Our optometrists pride themselves on helping you to make the most of your optical health fund benefits. That means offering you smarter ways to use your optical entitlements to suit your life.

Rebates on prescription eyewear

Our optometrists are eligible eyewear providers to members of all health funds. The benefit to you is that rebates can be claimed on prescription frames and lenses, prescription sunglasses and contact lenses. Entitlements will vary per health fun provider, so contact your health fund provider to find out what optical health fund benefits you are eligible for.

Claim your benefits on the spot

To make it easy, fast and convenient for you to claim your rebate, our optometrists have the latest technology claiming facilitates. This enables us to process your health insurance claims electronically at the time of your purchase.  No need to fill out paperwork or visit your health fund branch! You only need to pay the gap.

Use it or lose it

Most health funds allocate optical entitlements per calendar year, and in most cases unused benefits don’t roll over. So make sure to keep an eye on the expiry date and visit one of our practices to learn how you can use them smarter.

Whether you’re ready to change up your look or experience the benefits of digital eyewear, drop in to one of our independent optometrists.

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