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Simplify your life with prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses

Sunglasses in your prescription are no longer an indulgence, they’re one of life’s necessities for glasses wearers. Let’s find out more about prescription sunglasses.

See what you’ve been missing

With prescription sunglasses, you can now protect your eyes from harmful UV raysreduce glare and maximise your vision without sacrificing on style.

Today’s advanced technologies have ensured that there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to prescription sunglasses options.

Convenience without compromise

Looking for the latest fashion styles, high tech sports eyewear or polarised functionality? Eyewear designers are increasingly catering for people who want vision correction as well as style and function from their sunglasses.

Our optometrists pride themselves on tailoring a vision care solution that fits all the different facets of your life, and this is no different. During a thorough 360° eye consultation, your optometrist will recommend quality sunglasses that offer you the convenience of clear vision and UV protection, all in one.

We’re confident that once you experience the convenience of sunglasses in your prescription, you won’t look back!

Claim a pair with optical health fund benefits

Did you know that can use your optical health cover to claim your pair of prescription sunnies? Locate your nearest optometrist below to learn more.

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