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What is dry eye?

What causes dry eye

Dry eye is a common eye condition that affects people of all ages, and increases in severity as we age. Dryness can cause a burning or itching sensation in your eyes and can be extremely uncomfortable. While dryness is often exacerbated by windy weather conditions and bright light, the condition itself is more accurately explained as an abnormality in the tear film.

Why are tears important?

Tears have a more important job than we often realise. They are busy providing our eyes with natural nourishment and protection against irritants in the air. Did you know that tears are made up of water, oils and mucus to help with moisture, lubrication and the spreading of tears across our eyes? We experience dry eyes when our tear glands can’t produce tears quickly enough to maintain the protective coating that our eyes require to stay hydrated.

Causes of dry eye

Managing dry eye

Our optometrists have the most advanced diagnostic tools at their disposal to help them assess the health of your eyes. The type of treatment depends on the severity of your condition and is best assessed by one of our experienced optometrists. However tear supplements can help with mild dry eye and while they don’t offer a cure, they can give you some relief by effectively replacing tears.

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