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We are a community of 450 practices, the largest network of independent optometrists in Australia. We share the same values of clinical excellence, continuity of care, personalised service and quality products. Every optometrist is proudly independent to ensure your care always comes first. And our practices are locally Australian owned by the optometrists who operate them.

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Eyecare for all ages

Sight is our most precious sense and can greatly affect our quality of life. Seeing an optometrists from childhood and throughout life, will give you the best chance of maintaining healthy sight and comfortable vision over a lifetime.

  • Kids

    Vision is a child’s most important sense for learning and development, so thorough eye examinations should start before primary school.

  • Teens

    Teenage eyes are working hard at school, during sport, and focusing on digital screen, so regular eye examinations keep them in check.

  • 20’s & 30’s

    Your eyes are central to all that you do, and the demands on them are dynamic and varied, which is why we take a tailored approach to your eyecare.

  • Over 40’s

    Understand common changes to your vision and eyes, how we can help with digital eye strain and why you need to see your optometrist regularly.

  • Over 60’s

    Seeing well means living well, so preventative eyecare is vital to reduce your risk of sight threatening eye conditions


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