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Vision changes after 40

Vision changes ater 40

If you’re heading into your 40s and 50s, you can expect to notice gradual changes in your vision that are a perfectly normal part of the ageing process. Once we hit our 40s and beyond we’re also more at risk of developing some age-related eye conditions. That’s why keeping on top of your eye health with regular visits to your optometrist is so important. So what’s there to know about vision changes?

What vision changes can I expect?

As we age, conditions like presbyopia make it more difficult to focus on objects up close, and find us needing glasses to do the things we used to do without.

You may also experience

Get tested early

The best safeguard against eye disease is prevention. Seeing the same optometrist over time means that even the smallest changes in your vision can be detected. This becomes especially important as we age because the symptoms of many eye diseases are often invisible until it is too late.

Our optometrists are passionate about helping you see clearly. Being independent means they have the most advanced diagnostic tools at their fingertips to use in the testing of your eyes.

Book a comprehensive 360° eye consultation with one of our optometrists to safeguard your vision for the future.

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