Why Choose an Independent ProVision Optometrist?

With so many options available, how do you know you’re choosing the best for your eyes?

ProVision is the largest network of 420+ independent optometrists in Australia. We assist our members to grow their business in a way that enables them to retain their independence and deliver quality eyecare to their communities.

Continuity of Care

Like any healthcare service, seeing the same optometrist over time means that we understand your history and can monitor even minor changes in your eye health and vision.

Eyecare That's Not on the Clock

We give you and your eyes the attention you deserve, and provide tailored eyecare to suit your individual needs.

The Freedom to Recommend What's Best For You 

Our independence means that we’re not constrained by corporate guidelines and franchise arrangements limiting our choices of brands and frame selection.

We Won't Compromise on your Vision 

When it comes to spectacle frames and lenses, you get what you pay for. There are vast differences in quality and we won’t discount the health of your eyes with inferior products.

Clinical Excellence 

We’re committed to investing in technology and equipment to achieve the most sophisticated level of eye examinations.

100% Local & Australian Owned

We’re proud to be local, independent healthcare providers. As small business owners, we live in, care for, and reinvest our time and savings to improve the health and wellbeing of our local communities.

Community Involvement

We are members of and contributors to the local community and economy. Many of us also volunteer our time both in Australia and abroad to provide much needed eyecare to people in underserved communities.

We Care for Families

We’re here for you and the whole family. Chances are we look after you, your children and in many cases your parents as well. That’s what we love about working in the community for the community.

Special Optometry Services

Many of us have undertaken additional training and education to offer you special optometry services including Behavioural OptometryTherapeutic Optometry, Ortho-k Contact Lenses, Low Vision, and Sports Vision. Find a ProVision optometrist who offers one of these services.