We care

We became optometrists because we genuinely care about people, and want to help you experience healthy vision over a lifetime.
We have chosen to be independent because we believe your interests are best served when our only duty of care is to you, and not shareholders.

We are local

We are small businesses, owned and operated by independent optometrists who provide primary health care and employment for our local communities. With the largest geographic spread of optometrists in Australia, you can usually find one of us close by, whether you’re in the city or the country.

We give back to the community

Many optometrists in our network volunteer their services to provide much needed eyecare in third world countries and remote Australian communities. We give back locally through widespread sponsorship of schools, sporting clubs and other associations.

We are a community

Our community of 450 optometrists are bound by a like-minded approach to optometry, focusing on personalised, expert eyecare. We connect when attending education, conferences and events, and learn from one another to continuously improve. We also have the collective buying power to ensure you receive competitive pricing and value for money.

We are thorough

We do more than just an eye test. Our 360° Comprehensive Eye Consultation demonstrates our commitment to provide you with a more comprehensive level of continuous care. We spend more time with you to deliver an extensive consultation and prescribe quality eyewear solutions that are tailored to you.

We won’t compromise

Our patient-first philosophy and clinical independence ensures that every decision we make is about achieving the right outcome for you. We are committed to innovative eyecare through continuous education, access to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and advanced optical solutions from around the world.

Discover an independent experience

ProVision is the largest network of 420+ independent optometrists in Australia. We assists our members to grow their business in a way that enables them to retain their independence and deliver quality eyecare to their communities.

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