Eyewear to Fit Your Life

ProVision optometrists are committed to providing you with a total eyecare and eyewear solution to best fit your life.

Relying on one pair of glasses for all your life’s activities will almost always be a compromise when it comes to your vision, eye comfort and eye health.

When purchasing eyewear it’s important to select a pair of frames that both suit your unique personality and lifestyle needs. There will be times when a different pair of glasses would be an advantage for other aspects of your life. That’s why we recommend specific-purpose frames and lenses to give you the best visual performance, protection, and of course style, whatever your day demands!

ProVision optometrists offer you a wide range of frames, as much a fashion accessory as they are a functional solution for your vision needs. There's no shortage of choice when it comes to frame selection!

Work Glasses

Based on your work environment and the visual tasks you perform, we recommend frame and lens solutions to maximise your vision, eye and neck comfort, UV protection and eye safety and prevent common eye problems like Eye Fatigue.

Computer Glasses

Spend a few hours or more a day on a computer or device? Computer glasses are designed to give you optimal close-up and intermediate vision as well as reduce eye fatigue, neck and shoulder discomfort and blue light emittance.

Outdoor Glasses

Prescription sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes delivering necessary glare and UV protection together with clear vision. Add polarised lenses and you'll have the best outdoor vision and eye protection available.

Sports Glasses

Sports specific eyewear can enhance your performance whilst protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays and injury. Sports-specific coloured lenses highlight colours, alter light levels, enhance clarity and reduce glare.

Reading Glasses 

Wear multifocal glasses and enjoy reading and other close-work? A specific pair of reading glasses will provide clear, uninterrupted vision for these activities.

Social / Occasion Glasses

You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit, so why would you wear the same pair of glasses? Consider a conservative style for work, a bolder design for casual wear and something more elegant for formal occasions.

Because ProVision optometrists are not constrained by corporate guidelines and franchise arrangements limiting our choice of brands and frame selection, we can offer you a broader range of local and international brands in a variety of designs and materials to suit all lifestyles and personalities.

Learn how to choose frames to suit your face shape, and understand why you get what you pay for with regards to frame material technology, hardware and design.