are you at risk on the road

Your vision is responsible for around 90% of the information we use for driving, which is why even a small change in vision is cause for concern.

We’re spending more time in our cars commuting and traffic is ever-increasing. So how do you know if you might be at risk? We break down the 7 most common contributors to crash risk so that you can safeguard your vision on the road.

7 contributors to crash risk

You are at risk if you:

  • have trouble recognising details on road signs or number plates
  • have difficulty judging the distance of oncoming vehicles, particularly at night
  • have trouble seeing clearly in changing light conditions, e.g. from day to dusk to night
  • have visual sensitivity to oncoming headlights
  • need to move your head to see in side mirrors or read your dashboard clearly
  • are reluctant to drive at night or in unfamiliar environments
  • feel uncertainty and lack of confidence behind the wheel

Reduce your risk with 3 easy steps

  1. Check your vision regularly
  2. Protect your eyes from glare
  3. Wear your glasses on the road

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