contact lens consultation

If you’re thinking about trialling contact lenses for the first time or have simply taken a break from wearing them, you’ll need to book in for a contact lens consultation with one of our expert optometrists.

Almost everyone who wears glasses is suitable for contact lenses, even children. During a contact lens consultation your eligibility will be assessed and the right contact lenses for your lifestyle fitted. All this, with your comfort, safety and vision accuracy in mind.

What can you expect?

Eye health assessment. In this first appointment you will have an thorough eye health assessment which usually takes up to one hour. As contact lenses are placed over your cornea (the tissue covering the front of your eyes), assessing the health of your cornea will be a key focus.

Contact lens fitting and lifestyle advice. Once you’re cleared for wearing contact lenses, the next step is having your eye measurements taken. Our optometrists pride themselves on understanding your lifestyle so that they can recommend contact lenses that fit into all the different aspects of your life, whether that be sport, travel, social, office or something else. What’s more, their independence also gives them (and ultimately you) access to the best contact lens products and technologies on the market. Take a minute to read our 7 hay fever tips for contact lens wearers.

Contact lens training – insertion, removal and care. Following your contact lens fitting you will be taken through the process of inserting, removing and caring for your contact lenses. This can take some longer to master than others, but you can be confident that your optometrist won’t let you go until until you’re feeling comfortable enough to do it on your own.

Return check up. A month or so after you first begin wearing contact lenses, you will be asked to return for an assessment so that the functionality of the lenses and your eye health can be checked. This is a good opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns that you are having.

Ongoing care. Your comfort and eye health is paramount, so if at any stage you have any concerns or queries before you’re due for your next visit, don’t hesitate to contact your optometrist for support.

Get started on your contact lens journey

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