what shape frames for my face

Do you have trouble finding the right frame for your face? Do you find yourself asking “what shape frames for my face shape?“.

The first step is working out your face shape. The right frame will complement the shape of your face and accentuate your best features.

Which frame shape is right for you?

There are six basic face shapes: square, oval, heart, diamond, round and rectangle.


A square face is characterised by a broad forehead, strong jawline and a square chin. Think oval! Avoid angular frames and choose an oval or rounded frame shape instead to help soften the jawline. If you have a preference for a rectangular frame, aim for one with rounded edges.


You’re in luck! An oval face is well-balanced and evenly proportioned, meaning your face shape suits almost all frame styles and shapes. Our only advice is to focus on scale. Frames that are too big or too small will throw off the natural balance of the face.


A heart-shaped face is characterised by a broad forehead, small chin and high cheekbones. Go for cat-eye frame shapes or one with rounded edges that balances your features.


A diamond face has a narrow forehead and jawline, while the cheekbones are the widest part of the face. Selecting a rimless or oval frame with gentle curves (no wider than the width of the cheekbones) will help to soften the cheekbones.


A round face has a wide forehead, rounded chin and fuller cheeks. It is proportional in width and length and is curvy rather than angled. Rectangular frames with strong angular features are most complementary to your shape. Try an angular frame with a slight up-sweep, such as a cat-eye, to bring out your cheek bones. Avoid rounded and oval frames.


A rectangular face is longer than it is wide and is characterised by a long forehead, narrow jaw and high cheekbones. Select a frame with strong horizontal features and rounded edges to soften the face’s angular features. Try to avoid small, narrow frames as these will exaggerate the length of your face.

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