Thinking About Trialling Contact Lenses?

Schedule a contact lens consultation with your local ProVision optometrist to assess your eligibility and find the perfect fit.

Almost every glasses wearer is suitable for contact lenses. They can be worn by adults and children alike. To learn more about contact lenses for children, click here.

Whether you’re considering contacts for the first time, or have simply taken a break, you’ll need to book in for a Contact Lens Consultation with your local ProVision optometrist. Here you will be expertly assessed and fitted with contact lenses to ensure comfort, safety and accurate vision.

Below we give you a glimpse into the assessment and contact lens fitting process for a new contact lens wearer, so that you know what to expect. 

Eye Health Assessment 

In this first appointment you will have an eye health assessment which usually takes between forty minutes to an hour. It is particularly important that the tissue covering the front of your eyes (cornea) is deemed healthy, as contact lenses are placed over this area of the eye.

Contact Lens Fitting 

Once you're cleared for wearing contact lenses by your optometrist, eye measurements will be taken. After discussing the different options available to you, a particular contact lens will be recommended.

Contact Lens Training - Insertion, Removal and Care 

Following your contact lens fitting, team at your optometrist will take you through the process of how to insert, remove and care for your contact lenses. This can take some people longer to master than others, however, you can be confident that you won't leave until you're satisfied that you can do it on your own.

Return Check Up

About a month after you first begin wearing your contact lenses, you will be asked to return for an assessment so that your optometrist can check the functionality of the lenses and your eye health. Any questions or concerns that you are having with your contact lenses should be discussed at this appointment.

Assistance Always Available 

If at any stage you have any issues or queries before you're due for your next visit, don’t hesitate to contact your optometrist.

Locate your nearest ProVision optometrist to book in a contact lens consultation.