Kids eye tests

Did you know that vision is responsible for around 80% of all learning during a child’s first 12 years?^ This statistic often surprises people and yet our children’s eyes have come under even more pressure in the digital world we live in. Because of this, kids eye tests are more important than ever.

One test your child can’t afford to miss

We all want our kids to be their best and having an eye test can give them the start they need. A child’s eyes are constantly in use, whether they’re reading, writing, using a computer or playing sports. Children often assume their vision is just like everyone else’s, which means that vision problems can easily go undetected. Poor vision can interfere with their ability to learn and meet their full potential, and can even compromise their physical, emotional and social development.

Be school ready

The importance of an eye test for all children before they start school (and every 2 years thereafter) cannot be overstated. In Australia, 1 in 5 children suffer from an undetected vision problem. Be sure to add an eye examination to your school checklist because it is arguably the most important test they will have.

Seeing the same optometrist as your child continues to grows through primary and beyond means any changes in their vision can be detected, and ensures their vision and eye health is developing normally.

Arm yourself with information

Be aware of the signs and symptoms of poor vision in children, as well as common vision problems that can occur.

Our network of optometrists care about the whole family – often looking after up to three generations from one family! Book an appointment with your local optometrist to safeguard your child for the future. Remember – kids eye tests are vitally important.

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^Vision Council of America, Making the Grade, 2009.

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