Benefits of polarised lenses

Designed to reduce glare and improve visual comfort, polarised lenses are a feature even the most fashion savvy sunglass wearer can now enjoy. Glare diminishes our ability to see clearly by reducing contrast and altering our perception of colour and shape.

Polarised lenses have been designed to eliminate the intense reflective light that bounces off horizontal surfaces such as water, roads, snow, sand and other reflective surfaces and into our eyes. If you’re a sports enthusiasts or lover of the outdoor polarisation is a must.

Benefits of polarised lenses

  • Glare reduction – only polarised sunglasses filter out glare enabling you to maintain clear and comfortable vision
  • Enhanced colours – colours will appear more vibrant
  • Improved contrast – better clarity and depth of vision
  • Greater comfort – your eyes will feel more rested due to reduced squinting and eye strain
  • UV protection – maximum protection from long-term eye damage caused by exposure to UV rays
  • Task enhancing – lens colours can be matched to specific sporting and leisure activities to maximise visual performance
  • Latest designs – polarised lens technology is available in the latest sporting, leisure and fashion frame designs
  • Wide range – available in non-prescription and prescription lenses in a range of materials and lens designs

Say goodbye to glare!

One of the reasons our optometrists love being independent is that they have the highest quality lens technologies at their fingertips. They will help you maximise the benefits of polarisation by recommending the right fit for your lifestyle.

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