short sightedness and myopia

What is short sightedness (myopia)?

Short sightedness, also known in the medical world as myopia, affects your ability to see things in the distance clearly, while objects up close remain in focus.

Do you find it hard to read road signs, recognise people in the distance or experience blurry vision when playing sport? These are all symptoms of short sightedness. Short sightedness occurs when the light coming into your eyes focuses in front of, instead of exactly on your retina. Often, this condition is picked up in early childhood and becomes noticeable when kids start to squint when trying to see the whiteboard. An eye test before your child starts school is the best way to catch any eye problems early, making sure they are set up for a great start to their learning career.

Can short sightedness (myopia) be corrected?

Like long sightedness, short sightedness is also very normal and easily corrected with prescription eyewear. The great news for both adults and kids is that corrective eyewear comes in many forms to suit different needs and prescriptions, including a wide range of frames, contact lenses, prescription sunglasses and more. All of which will help bring your distance-vision into focus and allow you to live your life at the fullest. Laser refractive eye surgery is also an option for those who are eligible.

See the world more clearly

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Being independent gives our optometrists the time to thoroughly examine your eyes, as well as the freedom to find the right solution for your eyes from a wide range of products.

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